Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Lloyd's Investment Blog: The Big Picture (Directory of Links)

Below is a directory of links to all of my posts to date, organized into categories that should help anyone interested in understanding the "big picture" behind long-term investing (at least from my humble perspective). Posts added after my revision of this directory on November 6, 2005, are marked "New."

Philosophy of Long-Term Investing
Capitalism and Long-Term Investing
London Aftermath: Suggestion for Ending Terrorism
Herding, Helixes and a Hunch About Higher Prices
The Market as a Great Ocean
Public Information Only, Please!
Comment On Trading Systems
A Dozen Influences
Speculation vs. Investing
Comments on Six Degrees and the Science of Networks

Money Management Principles
The Long-Term Investor's Quintuple-Edged Sword
Occam's Razor Applied to Investing
Asset Allocation and Portfolio Management: An 80-20 Super-Rule
Perpetual Allocation to Equity
Merits of Volatility in a Portfolio
Who Gets Rich with Options?
Illiquidity Preference and Risk Attraction
Low PEG Helps But High Growth Is Even Better
Unleveraged Portfolio Management
Operating Unhedged
Subjective Risk
Negative Feedback and Relative Value Investing
A CD Optimization Problem
Should a Millionaire Be a Coupon Clipper?

Stock Market Commentary
Where to Invest When the Housing Market Cools *New*
2005 Winners and Losers and a Stockpicking Clue for 2006 *New*
New Year Opening Rally Is a Bullish Sign *New*
Stock Market Looks Undervalued by 30%
Bearish Outlook, Secular Bull
My Guess: Stock Market Bounce Coming
Waiting for the Short Squeeze
A Good Omen for 2005, If You're Superstitious (I)
But the Reality Is: Patterns Last Until They Don't (II)
Do Higher Interest Rates Lead to Lower Stock Prices?
Why Inflation Shouldn't Spook the Market
Do Higher Daily Oil Prices Mean Lower Stock Prices? (I)
A Longer-Term Look at Oil Prices and Stock Prices (II)

From Nano Cap to Mega Cap: Does Size Matter? *New*
Taming Fat Tails for Fatter Profits *New*
Win-Loss Percentages, or How Having a Slight Edge Goes a Long Way *New*
Are Equity Analysts Worthwhile Listening to?
Evidence for NOT Listening to Equity Analysts
Are Big Price Moves Predictable? (I)
An Example of Typical Price Behavior (II)
Value Line's List of Stocks with the Highest Potential Total Returns
Investor Overreaction
Importance of Earnings Reliability (I)
Earnings Reliability and Total Returns (II)
Persistent Earnings, Cyclical Returns (III)
Assessing Buffett's Recent Performance Using His Own Measure
Geography of Corporate America

Looking for a Bottom in Mortgage REITs *New*
Shopping for Kid-Friendly Growth: "Hey, Dad. Where's the Next McDonald's?" *New*
Which is the "Most Promising" Search Engine--Google, Yahoo or MSN? *New*
Technology Stocks: The Second Coming *New*
If Internet Traffic Matters . . .
How "Internet Advertising" Becomes an Oxymoron in an Entangled Everyone-to-Everyone Network
Picking the Internet Leader Using "Money Value of Time"
Beijing Olympics 2008: A Possible Catalyst for Chinese Stocks
Searching for Value and Growth Across Industries
Riding the Chain-Store Growth Wave
Do REITs Have Much Upside Left? (I)
Prospecting for Outliers Among REITs (II)
A REIT to Watch: Affordable Residential Communities (ARC) (III)
Office REITs: Fill 'er Up, Please!

Jones Soda (JSDA): A Premium Hip-Pop Brand in a Bottle *New*
Anticipating Yahoo's 2005Q4 Earnings Announcement *New*
For How Long Can Google Run Ahead of the Pack? *New*
Valuing Google and Yahoo
Two Cultures: Yahoo and Google, and a Look Ahead
Investment Idea: Sina
Attractively Priced Steel Industry Leaders: Mittal (MT), Posco (PKX)
Quiz: iPod is to Apple as XD1 is to . . . ?
Small-Cap Growth on the Cheap: China Finance Online (JRJC)
Case Study: Expensing vs. Capitalizing at Mobile Mini (MINI) (I)
More on Lease Fleet Valuation (II)
Re-Interpreting Management's Written Statements (III)
How Depreciating Assets CAN Rise in Book Value (IV)
Is Mobile Mini (MINI) Turning Capital Spending into Profits? (V)

What If--Just What If--the Singularity Really IS Near? *New*
Don't Try to "Fix" the U.S. Trade Deficit
Do the "Experts" Know Better?
An Alternative to Gold
Idea Disparity Follows Income Disparity

Real Estate Commentary
What Causes Residential Real Estate to Appreciate?
Housing Market Price Trends
If You're Buying Real Estate, Don't Ignore the Frictional Costs
Suburban Condos: A Good Opportunity . . . for Somebody Else
Opinion: Why I'm Bullish on Real Estate in My Neighborhood
Whoever Said There's Money in Real Estate?
A Tree with Negative Time Value
The Do-It-Yourself Mindset
Philosophy of Wooden Deck Management

Bill Miller's Winning Streak *New*
What's the Likelihood of "Making It" as a "Pure" Investor?
What Household Balance Sheets Tell Us About Wealth-Building
Perspective: A Cross-Country Drive Through Time
Interlude: "Behind the Scenes" Philosophy
Why an Investment Blog?


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