Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Bearish Outlook, Secular Bull

Looking across the financial markets, bearish indicators are everywhere:

* Higher interest rates: Yield of 10-yr. Treas. up to 4.51% today
* Weaker dollar: 0.744 Euro/$, 103.7 yen/$
* Record U.S. trade deficit
* Rising oil prices: Above $55 per barrel intraday
* Rising gas prices: Above $2.00 per gallon at the pump
* Inflation fears
* Cooling housing market
* Stocks struggling to move higher

The short- to medium-term outlook certainly "feels" bearish. If I were a trading the market, I would be tempted to lighten up on long positions in stocks and real estate.

However, investing for the long-term, I patiently stand by and wait for the equity markets to firm and resume their upward course. In the long-run secular rise of the value of companies and property, the current "volatility" is a possible correction but not a trend reversal. Through thick and thin alike, I remain a long-term bull, "knowing" that the market will rise soon enough. . . .


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